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Who Needs a Portfolio When You Have a Birth Certificate?

"A portfolio is like a manilla envelope with, like, your birth certificate in it, right?" -Demery Gijsbers

If you are a part of the tech industry, you may or may not be scoffing down at me right now from your Silicon Valley ivory tower. I just want to be like you! Thus, I have learned that a portfolio is so much more than a few personal documents when you're trying to develop apps or be a User Experience Designer (me). If you're not in the tech industry, keep reading anyway because you can bring portfolios to your field of study and we can figure it out together!! Wooo!!

It's been a feat trying to put a portfolio together, given that I have little experience to display, and not enough money to buy fancy design software. It's like your Facebook profile when you look at it and say, "How can I make myself look super cool and fun when I actually spend a lot of nights on the couch catching up on Stranger Things?" But for me it's "How do I show my …