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We're Not Hanging Out if You Didn't Send a GCal Invite

"What color do you want our lunch to be?" - Demery Gijsbers

I am everything that being a "Type B" personality has to offer, which used to include having a poor sense of a time schedule. This is something I learned about myself when I came to college and it was up to me to maintain everything that comes with being a human (which honestly is not a lot in college). You have to get to class which is, like, the main unspoken agreement when a college accepts you to do your school stuff there. You have to get to all of the meetings for the clubs you eagerly join first semester of freshman year. You have to eat and nourish your body at some point. Probs do some sleeping if you're into that sort of thing.

So I tried to do a lot, got some things mixed up, and would sometimes miss meetings, sleep through class because I thought it was Thursday when really it was Monday, or end up eating dinner at 11:30pm because intramural sports are offered at any dang time of the night. I…