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I Got Sh*t on by a Bird Today (and other reasons I'm in bed by 8pm)

"I think a bird just pooped on my head." -Demery Gijsbers

A draft from finals season exactly four months ago:
Today I spent nine hours in one booth at Beanster's Cafe. During those nine hours, I completely re-coded my web application final project, saw the same error message on that web application at least forty times, ate cereal mixed with almond butter out of plastic bag for dinner, sent a desperate and pathetic email to my Graduate Student Instructor for help on my project, and watched a mouse run back and forth across the cafe. The Michigan Difference!! Go Blue Forever!!

I have a hard time sitting still for an hour long class discussion, so nine hours in Beanster's (RIP in peace to Beansters btw) was borderline self-sabotage. Finals season in and of itself is just a collection of recipes for self-sabotage. Closing time is 6pm and we are freed from the grips of the Michigan League and released out onto snowy North University. It tastes like liberty as I munch on …