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It's Finals Season, but More Importantly, Michael Bublé Season

"In the spirit of studying for finals, I have spent my time creating a blog instead." -Demery Gijsbers

There is logic behind this quote: Panic is engrained in every final exam season, and that is "how much will this test really affect my future?!" So in thinking about (or: freaking out about) my future, I consider the advice given to me by others in the tech industry -- that's the industry I'm in (or want to be in, rather). Their wise words are "an online presence is great" (WOW super wise), and may even be key to landing a decent job. So if you're thinking of hiring me and you're reading this post, then you've discovered my secret! Please still consider my application. A decent job is ideal, so an online presence in the form of a blog is how I am taking control of my future. (Do any of us really have control though??? Whoaaa)

I'vealways been a closet writer. I guess we're revealing a couple secrets tonight. Ahh vulnerability!! …