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I Need You To Come To the Farmer’s Market With Me

"BUY LOCAL!!!!" - Demery Gijsbers

I am more passionate about this than caps lock and any number of exclamation marks can convey. There are so many important reasons why you should get comfortable and well-acquainted with your local farmer's market, and more specifically, the farmers themselves. They are absolutely incredible people doing incredible things and no amount of love for Kroger and Whole Foods and other grocery stores (which I have a lot of love for) can change how important buying local is. I'm also not about to sit here and pretend to be an expert on this topic, because this is something I've only learned about within the last couple years. My knowledge is changing and growing daily and gosh, is it exciting!! And as an aspiring user experience designer and urban planner wrapped up into one person, I can't help but see the Farmer's Market as an incredibly designed community user experience.

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